Larkfleet Homes Community Fund

This case study is an example of a group of building companies who support charitable projects that enhance the local communities of their developments.

Location: across UK.


The Larkfleet group of companies are a group of house building and development companies based in Lincolnshire, who support “charitable projects that enhance or develop a thriving community for the benefit of the residents of a Larkfleet Homes development, and other local residents”. (2)

Project details

Operating since 2016, Larkfleet Homes Community Fund has donated nearly £50,000 to community groups and ventures across the country. (3) Awarded projects focus on activities that enhance or develop local communities, particularly from groups that promote the environment, support residents or bring communities together.

The fund is part of a commitment to supporting the existing communities where Larkfleet develop new homes, and to help integrate new developments within those communities. Any charitable cause or community project that operates within ten miles of any Larkfleet Homes (or Allison Homes – their sister organisation) development can apply. (1)
Grants are between £250 and £5,000 (sometimes more in special circumstances) awarded on a quarterly basis.

Applicants are invited to send their proposals that were then reviewed by a judging panel. The panel is managed by the Cambridgeshire Community Foundation, which administers the fund. There is no restriction on the number of grants that can be given to a particular place but they aim to ensure that the fund supports communities right across their area of operations.

Key Details

Who are the key stakeholders involved?

The fund is intended for community groups that focus on activities that enhance or develop local communities, and has welcomed applications from groups that promote the environment, support residents or bring communities together. (3)
● Residents
● Community
● Larkfleet Homes
● Larkfleet Homes Community Fund
● Cambridge Community Foundation
● Allison Homes

Impact: What are the outcomes? Who benefits?

Local communities and residents should benefit from the Fund. Examples of funding in Cambridgeshire and Rutland include:
● £4,000 to Cottesmore Millfied Academy in Oakham, some of the funding has been used to purchase benches for the children to enjoy in the school gardens.
● £5,000 towards the cost of a new swimming pool at Eye Primary School for pupils and the local community.
● Supporting The Creech Party in the Park, a community event with arts, crafts, activities, displays, refreshments, games and music.
● Sponsoring the Open Maiden race at Cottesmore Point-to-Point event held at Garthorpe run entirely by volunteers.

So what?

What are the risks and challenges for initiating and also maintaining this initiative?

The risks and challenges of initiating and maintaining this initiative largely focus on making sure funding meets the specified aims, and that it is spent on the activities and items specified in the bids.

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